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Year 4 - Oak

School is currently closed due to hazardous weather. Over the next few days it would be excellent to see the children in Oak class working independently. I have added some challenges for topic, literacy and maths for your child to complete and bring in to school next week. 




This half term we are learning about some of the habitats of the world.

Outside, at the moment the environment is very cold and icy. Its amazing to think that animals can survive outside in these conditions, but there are some that can only survive in these freezing conditions.

Can you think of an animal or living thing that lives in a habitat covered in ice and snow? Can you find out as much as you can about one of these amazing animals? Maybe you could make a poster or simply discover as much as you can about it and share it with the class when we get back to school.



Please write a kenning about the animal or living creature that you are finding out about.


Fast flyer

Low swooper

Silent predator

Rabbit catcher

Nest builder

Good listener

Meat eater


(Snowy owl)




We have been learning about decimals in maths. I have added a maths challenge to the web page. You need to use your knowledge of decimals and fractions in order to complete it. If you are feeling confident then you can create your own further down the challenge.

Maths Snow Day Challenge

Welcome to Oak class

Mr Morter is the year 4 teacher working alongside Mrs Emblem and Mrs Hanley.


The children in year 4 have had a busy start to the year and have thoroughly enjoyed their topic on the Ancient Egyptians. We very much enjoyed finding out about Pharaohs, gods, pyramids, and, most gruesome of all, the art of mummification!


This half term our topic is all about potions! We will be investigating the properties of solids, liquids and gases and perhaps making some interesting potions of our own!

We will also be investigating sound and how it travels, as well as finding out about light and shadows.

We Made Egyptian Death Masks.

We made papyrus paintings, just like the Ancient Egyptians.

Investigating light and shadows through the magic of shadow puppets.

Spring Term 2018


The first half of the term we have been taking an American road trip, visiting major features of the United States including States, Cities and natural wonders. This has involved developing our map reading skills as well as creating some persuasive writing  to encourage visitors to some of the wonders of this wonderful country. Alongside this we have found out about the way  of life of Native Americans including their beliefs and customs. We especially enjoyed reading some of their fables, creating our own versions based on different Spirit Guides.



Spring Term 2nd Half.

Science is our focus this half term so we are looking forward to plenty of practical investigations about the busy world inside our bodies. Starting with our teeth we will find out what happens as we chomp and swallow then finally digest  all that lovely food we eat!

We shall also be looking at different habitats and the effect we humans have on the homes of some animals, and creating food chains for different groups of animals.

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