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Mathematics Curriculum


Mathematics is one of the core national curriculum subjects. We aim to produce confident mathematicians who can use and apply their knowledge and understanding in a variety of contexts. Children are encouraged to take risks and to face challenges and problems with a positive approach.


Mastery Curriculum

The Maths Mastery Curriculum places conceptual understanding at the heart of children’s learning. We follow the Herts for Learning Programme which aspires to produce a secure and sustainable progress in learning maths - based upon a deep understanding of concepts, in parallel with fluency, -enabling connections to be made between mathematical ideas.


The aims of this mastery curriculum are that all pupils:


  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of maths


  • Reason mathematically


  • Solve problems



Key features of teaching for mastery at Southtown:


  • Keeping the class working together with whole class direct teaching


  • Practical opportunities and use of a variety of approaches, including games and visual representations


  • Frequent opportunities to reason and problem solve


  • Emphasis placed upon learning through reasoning, developing multiple strategies and deep understanding


  • Rich mathematical talk supported by the teachers’ questioning ( getting the right answer isn’t enough if children don’t know why the answer is the right one)


  • Development of understanding through linking ‘concrete’ (materials and resources) to ‘abstract’  ( such as calculations) via pictorial representations ( diagrams and drawings).


  • Longer time spent on key topics so learning can be deepened and embedded


  • Differentiation


  • Pre-teaching and follow up teaching sessions as needed


  • Increase in challenges, through depth and breadth questioning, open-ended tasks and


problems- to develop reasoning skills.

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