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Year 3 - Maple

Welcome to Maple Class!


Class Teacher: Miss Rowland   

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Emblem and Mr Kyriacou

Our school day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3.10pm, children should be brought around the one way system and enter the outside classroom door. They will need to gel their hands on arrival.


Children in Maple Class are starting their journey into Key Stage 2. As well as continuing to deepen their academic understanding, we will be supporting them to further develop their ownership and independence in learning to enable them to be successful throughout Key Stage 2 and beyond. It is an exciting year, full of opportunities to explore and grow.


Weekly reminders:

Thursday: PE- children are to arrive at school in their PE kits. Clothing needs to be appropriate for sports activities both in and outside.




As pupils continue to develop and improve their reading skills, we find that many pupils in year 3 are ready to explore reading through our Accelerated Reader programme. This allows pupils to select and read books at an appropriate level of challenge.




Our topics this year will be:

Autumn 1: 'What's under our feet?' Through this topic, we will be investigating our planet and what it is made of. It will take the class on a journey to various locations around the world from Pompeii to Mount Everest to the 'Ring of Fire'. Science will see the class investigating different types of rocks, why volcanoes erupt and earthquakes occur.


Autumn 2: 'How is your dinner different to that of Stone Age man?' We will be taking a trip back in time to the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The class will be looking at how the people created their settlements and lived throughout these time periods. In science, we will be looking at light and shadow.


Spring 1: 'Where can your hot air balloon take you?' This topic will see the class investigating the wonders of the water cycle and how and where rivers travel. Locally, we will be studying the Norfolk broads and how these have changed over the years.


Spring 2: 'Can you make a toy move by magic?'


Summer 1: 'How has Great Yarmouth changed?' This is a local history study of Great Yarmouth


Summer 2: 'How does your garden grow?' and 'Are you healthy enough?'




Covid-19: Is your child unwell? Click on 'Covid-19' to check if your child should be attending.