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Year 4 - Oak

Welcome to Year 4!


Mr Lack and Mrs Green welcome you to Oak class, we are looking forward to an exciting year with all of you!

Our day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm, children can be brought around the one way system and enter the classroom via the outside door. They will need to use handgel as they enter the classroom.


What to expect in Year 4:

This year you will be building on what you have learnt so far in Key Stage 2. You will grow as individuals and learn how to manage your own equipment and daily routines.

We have heard great things about you from Mrs Southernwood and are looking forward to helping you grow throughout the year. 

It will be important to learn to work as a team - this is essential for getting the most out of Year 4. You will need to be thoughtful and considerate to the feelings of your classmates, so that we can all progress together.



This year, you will build on your work from Year 3 by completing writing in a range of genres such as: creating play scripts and poems,  character profiles and formal letters.

You will add depth and detail to your descriptive writing and make better use of paragraphs and the punctuation you learn about in Year 3.

We will look at our understanding of what we read and learn about inference within an authors writing. We will also look at predicting how a story may progress and justifying our opinions.



You will continue to build on your Key Stage 2 learning from Year 3, adding and subtracting increasingly large numbers both mentally and using formal written methods.

This is also true for the multiplication and division problems we will learn to solve - this will be helped by learning our times tables up to 12 x 12.

We will look at perimeter and area, where our times tables knowledge will be essential. Our knowledge of fractions and decimals will grow, as well as our confidence using both the 12 and 24 hour clock.



We have some interesting topics to cover this year, starting with a dive into the deep in our Science-based topic: What lives in the Ocean?

We will look at life in our oceans and how it has adapted to live in different conditions, how they might hunt their prey and how they might avoid being eaten themselves. 

We will learn about how creatures survive and reproduce as part of an investigation into life cycles.


Weekly Timetable



How you can help your child's learning journey

Continue to help them in the ways you would normally. Listen to them read as often as possible -

I cannot stress enough how helpful this one act is for every other learning activity.

Practice times tables regularly, talk to them about their day - perhaps ask them to teach you something that they found out about each day. Help them with their homework. Encourage them to read by showing enthusiasm for their book preferences, then ask them to tell you about what they are reading. Visit a library to just look around until something grabs their interest. 

They are not too old to be read to either - read something to them that they might not usually read, then discuss your interpretation of the text, or explain some of the technical vocabulary to them - we all know that kids love to learn technical vocabulary to bamboozle their friends with.




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