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Year 5 - Poplar

Welcome to Poplar Class


Mrs Kruber, Mr Lack and Ms Rowland welcome you to Poplar Class web page.




Important information


Class timetable:


Mornings focus on Literacy and Mathematics, afternoons are as follows:


Monday: Humanities


Tuesday: RE / PSHE / Computing


Wednesday: Science


Thursday: French / P.E.


Friday: PE / Library


PE kits should be brought into school on a Monday and taken home to be washed on a Friday, children will be expected to wear the school PE uniform during PE lessons.

Jewellery must be removed and long hair should be tied back for safety.


Library time for Poplar class is on Friday afternoons. Children will need to bring their library books to school to change on a regular basis.

We will be able to change children's Accelerated Reading Books during afternoon sessions. Children are expected to go to the school library independently to change their book once quizzed.




The expectation is that children should be reading at home on a daily basis. The children will have a 'Reading record' book, this should be signed by an adult at home each time the child reads. Children will also read with adults in class. It is very important to encourage children's reading as this supports their literacy development, writing style and use of interesting vocabulary in writing.


Reading with your child and listening to your child read are possibly the best things you can do to help your child’s education.

Take time to discuss the text your child is reading, ask about the book, what do they like about it? Can they tell you about the main characters? What do they think is going to happen next?

Share reading at home - you can be a good role model by reading too!


In Poplar class we will seek to encourage independent thinking, learning and decision making. We will be encouraging children to take more responsibility for their learning and the success of the class as a whole.


There are seven topics we will be focusing on this year:


Autumn 1: Traders and Raiders


Autumn 2: Scream Machine / Peasants, Princes and Pestilence


Spring 1: Stargazers


Spring 2: Alchemy Island


Summer 1: Allotment


Summer 2: Beast Creator


Norfolk Lakes - The Location

Still image for this video
Just a short video of our surroundings at Norfolk Lakes - I think everyone enjoyed being out in the fresh air so much!

Norfolk Lakes - Obstacle Course

Still image for this video
The Chicken Walk - because that's how you cross a walkway... Obvs.

The Bouldering Wall

Still image for this video

Norfolk Lakes - The Southtown Rifles

Getting to the Blind Trail

Still image for this video

Mummy Bear!

Still image for this video

Getting down in the dirt...

Still image for this video

I very much enjoyed this activity...

Still image for this video
...because I was filming, not taking part!

Norfolk Lakes - Fencing

The Final Point

Still image for this video
Well done everyone - a good session enjoyed by all.

I think I was the best though...

Norfolk Lakes - Video Studies... (don't ask)

Norfolk Lakes - Archery

Norfolk Lakes - Archery

Still image for this video

History Week - A visit to the Row at Time and Tide

The Van der Graaf generator.

Still image for this video
Now... What else can we do with this highly sensitive equipment?

The following videos show thorough scientific investigation...

More fun with the van der Graaf generator...

Still image for this video
What is it about the electron movement that is making this happen?

Investigating electron imbalance.

Still image for this video
The Van der Graaf generator doing it's thing to Jacob's hair.

Poplar Class visit to the Science Fair.

How do the Sun, Earth and Moon interact?

Still image for this video
This shows how the Moon orbits the Earth whilst rotating to always face the Earth. It also shows how the Earth orbits the Sun; also whilst rotating.

The distances are not to scale. Also, the conversation may not be representative of likely conversations between celestial bodies.

Planets and Planetariums.

Phases of the Moon

How do we know the Earth is round? Testing Aristotle's theory.

Pestilence - How dirty are our hands? (very)

Forces - Investigating air resistance.

Still image for this video
Whose parachute do you think works the best? Why?

Marble Rollercoasters - Can you 'loop the loop'?

Creating a scene for a 'Rollercoaster Narrative' - What are the people saying?

Creating Anglo-Saxon Buildings

Creating Anglo-Saxon Jewellery - Messy work!

Decorating our Anglo-Saxon Jewellery

How do we know the Earth is round?

How did Anglo-Saxons colour their clothes?

Making our Anglo-Saxon village come alive!

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