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Year 6 - Sycamore

Autumn Term 1

In Autumn Term 1 Sycamore class pupils are learning about 2 topics - Darwin's delight and ID. These topics are linked together through the science of adaptation and inheritance.

Pupils will be looking at:

The evolutionary timeline to understand that these changes occurred over millions of years.

The life of Charles Darwin and how he came about his 'Theory of Evolution'.

How animals have adapted to living in their environments.

Fingerprints - what they are and how they have changed the process of catching criminals.


In art, we will be looking closely at nature and drawing observational pictures which show the differences between types of trees and differences between types of fruit. We will also be drawing a close up picture of a human eye.

Autumn 2

In Autumn 2 our topic is 'Frozen Kingdom'


We will be continuing to look at adaption in animals but linked specifically to the Arctic and Antarctic. We will be investigating what helps us to keep warm. We will also be looking at different icy geographical features that can be found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. We will closely observe a 'giant iceberg (ice cube)' within science and write about what we find out.


In Literacy we will be learning about  the features of Haiku poetry and use this knowledge to write Haikus about icebergs, halloween and bonfire night. We will also be learning about the Titanic and writing a newspaper article about the disaster.


In art we will be learning about Inuit art and using picture stimulus' to draw pictures and create sculptures.



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On Wednesday 13th November 2019 Sycamore class and a few year 5 pupils went to the Royal Albert Hall, London to watch the youth proms. Although arriving late, due to traffic, the evening was spectacular and the individual events were amazing. It was a very long day (and night!), returning to school at 1.15 on Thursday morning.

This term our topic is 'Revolution' - a history based topic on the Victorian Era.

History - We will be learning about why the period in time is called the Victorian Era and about Queen Victoria and her reign. We will also be learning about the lives of rich and poor children. As part of this work, we will looking at Victorian schools, workhouses and slums. We will also be learning about Victorian crime and punishment, famous inventors and inventions,


In Literacy, we will be looking looking at Edward Leah's non-sense poems (Limericks). We will also be writing biographies about famous Victorians. We will be writing a variety of narrative pieces - setting and character descriptions and a short story, based on the Australian bush fires.


In art and Design and Technology, we will be looking at Victorian portrait photography, the patterns of William Morris, sewing samplers and cooking some Victorian recipes.


At the end of the topic we will be visiting Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse. 

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