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Welcome to Southtown Primary School Believe, Learn, Achieve.


Year 4 - Oak

Welcome to Oak Class

Mrs Cousins and Mrs Hanley would like to welcome you all to our Oak Class web page. We will keep you up to date with our class learning, trips and photographs. Remember to check in regularly!


Important information

Class timetable:

Monday: Humanities and French

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Science 

Thursday: Library, Art/Design and Technology

Friday: PE


All children in year 4 will have daily maths, literacy, reading, spelling and handwriting lessons. 

  • PE kits should be in school everyday, children will be expected to wear the school PE uniform during PE lessons. Jewelry must be removed and long hair should be tied back for safety. 
  • Our class library session will be on Thursday afternoons. Children will need to bring their library books to school to change on a regular basis. 
  • We will be able to change children's Accelerated Reading Books during afternoon sessions. Children are expected to go to the school library independently to change their book once quizzed. 



The class expectation is that children should be reading at home on a daily basis. The children will have a 'Reading record' book, this should be signed by an adult at home each time the child reads. Children will also read with adults in class. It is important to encourage children's reading as this supports their literacy development, writing style and use of interesting vocabulary in writing.


At the beginning of each topic, children will bring home a homework grid. This will give the children a range of choices as to how they would like to present their topic related homework. This could include: art work, research, fact finding, reading, walks, posters, writing a song, etc. The children would have the half term to produce their chosen work and to bring it into school to share and present to the class. 

Children will also have regular spelling and handwriting homework to complete. 

All about year 4...

This is a year in which teachers will work to nurture and encourage the feelings of independent thinking, learning and decision making. 


The children were keen to learn about the year 4 topics on transition day - some may remember some of the activities we spoke about. 

Our topics are as follows:

Blue Abyss


Burps, Bottoms and Bile


Misty Mountain Sierra

Road Trip USA

I am Warrior


We have some great science topics such as: the digestive system, teeth, electricity and ocean life.We will learn about mountains, regions and oceans in geography and Romans and Egyptians in history. These lessons will engage the children's imagination and will get them talking at home. Perhaps this is an opportunity to share some learning activities together, research countries or creatures, complete mini projects or use recycled materials to construct something linked to learning in class.  

Daily maths, spelling and literacy lessons will develop confidence and ensure that children know and understand the key skills. Apostrophes, commas, times tables and key spellings are just some of the things children in year 4 are expected to use accurately. There will also be a particular emphasis on the children's presentation of their work and handwriting throughout the year. 


How to help your child at home...


One of the most important things you can do is to hear your child read. 

'Good readers make good writers because they are exposed to a greater variety of vocabulary, syntax, grammar and style.'

Take time to discuss the text your child is reading, ask about the book, what do they like about it? Share reading at home - you can be a good role model by reading too! 

By the end of year 4, all children are expected to know their times tables and to be able to use them fluently. The children will complete a test towards the end of the year. Anything you can do to help that knowledge go in and stay in is fantastic!